दिनांक १२ ते १८ एप्रिल २०२२
वेळ - सकाळी ७ ते ९ वा.

स्थळ : मनोरंजन गार्डन,लालबाग, मुंबई


Date : Sunday 18 April 2022

On 18th April, the last day of the training camp, all the trainees practiced very well. The summer camp was a fun and refreshing experience for all and with all the friends or some new friends. This type of camping may be boring for some in general, but it will be one of the best memories of your childhood. You get to have fun with your friends and making memories with new friends is the best part of life. Our organization helps players develop discipline, confidence, dedication to play and inspires all children to move forward in life and enables everyone to develop.

Date : Sunday 17 April 2022

Today was the sixth day of the training camp. Everyone was taught what it takes to be a good fighter. Demonstrations were given on how to hit the punch, how to kick and when to hit.

Date : 16 April 2022

we don't know how the 5 days of training camp ended immediately, all the players did very well today. While addressing the players, Mr. Mahesh Malkar gave some instructions to the students as well as the parents. Mr. Mithun Gawde also mentioned that children should be disciplined at home as well as in class.

Date : 15 April 2022

On the fourth day of the camp, the players responded spontaneously and coach Vignesh Murkar gave important information about karate and kickboxing to the students. Alok Brid performed Shito Ryu's kata in front of the children. The attitude of all the students towards all this was positive

Date : 14 April 2022

On the third day of the training camp, we practiced more, the players practiced karate and kick boxing in an enthusiastic atmosphere, #ShitoRyusportskarate&KickBoxingAssociation the boys enjoyed training from the senior coaches of the.

Date : 13 April 2022

On the second day of the training camp, all the children practiced very well and created a different energy for the camp. The enthusiasm shown by the boy in both karate and kick boxing was all told. Famous child artiste Prapti Redkar from Mumbai took an active part in the camp. The parents gathered for the camp gave their positive feedback

Date : 12 April 2022

On the first day of the training camp, the children showed great enthusiasm while practicing karate & kickboxing. Lalbagh is a land of artists and warriors. It is a lot of fun to give such training at Lalbagh

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